Alleged Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leaks Online

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Alleged Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leaks Online
Finally, the sex tape no one ever wanted yet will watch anyway for the sake of watching because, well, it’s THERE and like you can’t NOT watch a celebrity sex tape, is here.

Scroll down for the video!

For months, the internet was besieged with rumors that rapper Lil Wayne filmed a sex tape with two strippers. As with every celebrity sex tape, it’s only a matter of time before the damn things hits the web.

The site In Flex We Trust posted the purported NSFW footage, and, damn, is it terrible. As with most terrible sex tape footage, it’s up in the air as to whether this is actually Lil Wayne. More than likely, its veracity won’t be confirmed until a lawsuit is filed. Plus, leaking a sex tape in which the subject is still wearing socks is probably grounds for punitive damages on its own.

Karrine Stefans, Weezy’s ex, seems to think the tape is genuine and tweeted her reaction.

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